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Automatic Print and Apply Label Applicator D460PA:

Print and apply
  1 year warranty
  18.0" high x 13.0" width x 26.1" long
  About 60 lbs.
  Applicator: 110 VAC 2A, 90psi air
  Printer: See printer power requirements.
The D460PA is an automatic thermal print and apply label application system using the Datamax I-class printers. The D460PA system will automatically print and apply labels to any type of item (cartons, plastic parts, film covered items) at production rates up to 30 labels per minute, dependent on printer speed and label length. The unit can apply labels to the sides, top or bottom of any moving or stationary item. The D460PA incorporates one of the Datamax I-class or W-class industrial thermal printers, a pneumatic arm for tamping on the label and PLC control logic for a complete operator friendly system. The unit can be mounted on a roll around stand, place on a cart or table or attached to the side of a conveyor.

The D460PA applies the labels after automatically detecting that the product is in position, the pneumatic tamp pad extends and places the label onto the precisely onto either a stationary or moving product.

General Features:
Direct Thermal/Thermal Transfer printing.
Maximum print width: Determined by printer
Serial, parallel or network connectivity.
Bitmapped fonts: 9
Smooth Fonts: 1
Tamp stroke: Automatic varying up to 6"
LCD Display and 5 keys.
Media Window
Real Time Clock (RTC)
Ribbon up to 600M
User changeable print head.
Flashing error light.
Product detector and brackets.
Shown with AS-351 stand and U-arm.
Model Print Resolution Print Speed Max Label Size Min Label Size Media Supply
D460PA4 See I-Class up to 12ips Up to 4.2" x 12" 1" x 0.75" Up to 8" O.D
D460PA6 See W6-Class up to 8ips Up to 6.6" x 12" 2" x 2" Up to 8" O.D
D460PA8 See W8-Class up to 6ips Up to 8.5" x 12" 2" x 2" Up to 8" O.D
D460PA automatic applicator.
P/N Description Price
D460PA4 Automatic label applicator with I-Class 4.2" printer $ Call for quote
D460PA6 Automatic label applicator with W-Class 6.6" printer $ Call for quote
D460PA8 Automatic label applicator with W-Class 8.5" printer $ Call for quote
AS-351 Tee Base mobile stand and U-arm. $ Call for quote


Label applicators reduce labor and generally the pay back is within 6 months.
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